If you love teaching and are looking to help grow careers across the world, drive innovation, and truly make a difference, we have just the platform for you.
At ExoLearn, we understand the boundless possibilities technology can unlock. So, we are persistently working towards creating a network of dedicated industry peers and world-class trainers who are interested in sharing their expertise and deep-seated knowledge. We are committed to producing successful students by combining top-tier academics with practical, real-world applications.

As an instructor, the teaching material you produce will be viewed globally – in businesses, governments, schools, and homes. Not only will it help train professionals worldwide, but it will also put you on a global map, helping you build your brand and reach a larger audience.

At ExoLearn, we highly value the time and effort you put in to empower the next generation of creators. Apart from getting the opportunity to become a part of an elite training fraternity, you will also get a revenue-sharing opportunity to supplement your income.

  • Distinguished in your profession and zest to share knowledge.
  • Possessing domain expertise with relevant certifications.
  • Experienced in a position requiring effective communication and interpersonal skills, collaborating with professionals coming from different backgrounds, and developing relationships.
  • Having a deep level of continued commitment to deliver best-in-class training on a global level.

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Basic Requirements to become an instructor in Exolearn

  • It is must to have a PC (Laptop/Desktop) for online training.
  • Headphones & Mike.
  • Internet connection with at least 2 MBPS Speed.
  • To avoid power cut problem need to have UPS or inverter supply.
  • Silent place for particular session.
  • Must clear doubts of participants.
  • Must prepare course content.
  • Must give study material and interview questions.
  • Must give content for LMS.

Note: If you can give us 10 Min any time we will do test connection.

  • Never use any drawing Pen illustration during the online class in demo only.
  • Never use any notepad illustration during the online class in demo only.
  • No Google during the online class in demo only.
  • Please put the mobile in silent mode.