Oracle DBA Training:

Oracle Database Administrator which is in short referred to as Oracle DBA is one of the most dominant database software application that has acquired a wide range of prominence in the IT and business sector. In regard to the high-end benefits incurred by the organizations by making an effective use of Oracle DBA implementations, the demand for the Oracle DBA professionals has gone skyrocketing. Our Exolearn training institute is well renowned for delivering the best set of career skill sets among all those DBA careers desired aspirants under its program of Oracle DBA Online Training.
Make the most out the highly dominant career profession of Oracle DBA by leveraging skills in aggregating data by using set functions, combining multiple queries into one & by building knowledge in SQL queries and subqueries by simply enrolling in our institutes Oracle DBA Training In Hyderabad.

Course Objective Of Oracle DBA Online Training:

With the aid of Oracle DBA real-time experts as our training faculty, we are mainly aimed at delivering a complete set of industry-oriented skills sets among the aspirants through our excellent training program. And with the aid of well-sophisticated lab infrastructure, we deliver complete hands-on knowledge that helps the aspirants to become experts in resolving all the real-time business challenges.

By availing our Exolearn online trainer institutes well advanced & the Best Oracle Data Base Administrator Online Training, the aspirants will acquire skills in

  • Effective handling of database structures, architecture & in-memory concepts.
  • Will gain skills in handling database security measures and backup measures.
  • Skills to identify & diagnose different data failures by effective use of Flashback technology.
  • Effective skill sets in effectively optimizing & managing database storage space.

Why Oracle DBA Online Training?

For handling all sorts of complicated applications and high-level computing tasks the Oracle database technology will be the crucial component that delivers effective results. The role of a DBA professional demands varied skills which are crucial for managing relatively large volumes of data across different enterprises.
With the help of our Exolearn training institutes Oracle DBA Certification Online Training, there will be great scope for the aspirants to grab hold of complete career-oriented skill sets in this highly dynamic career profession.

Pre-Requisites For Opting Oracle DBA Training:

In order to enroll yourself in our institutes Oracle DBA training, there is no requirement for any additional skills or degree. However, having knowledge of the following concepts will help.

  • Working knowledge of RDMS concepts
  • Also, working knowledge of various database platforms will be of great help.

Who Should Take The Course?

Our Institutes Oracle DBA Online Training will be the best fit for job seekers & working professionals who are

  • Developers & IT Professionals
  • Network Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • Programmers
  • Database Analysts & Architects
  • Degree Holders

Learning Modules of Oracle DBA Training:

Aspirants whoever get themselves enrolled in our institutes Oracle DBA Training In Hyderabad will get to learn all the advanced theoretical and practical concepts in this dynamic technology.
Some of the learning modules covered in our institutes Oracle DBA Course Online Training are

  • We leverage complete in-depth knowledge of the DBA concepts of major database and its vendors.
  • We deliver knowledge in the concepts of database installation process and various debugging concepts.
  • We deliver complete knowledge in Oracle Database and its Architecture.
  • Learn the concepts of creating and managing multitenant container database.
  • To learn to work on the concepts of Data Guard and Database Upgrade.
  • To leverage skills in the data dictionary and managing effectively diagnostic data.

Certification & Exam:

Upon on the successful completion of the course, the aspirants will be awarded with our Exolearn institutes Oracle DBA certification. Attaining this certification is an indication that your skills in handling Oracle DBA applications are up to the industry requirements.

a) How To Become An Oracle DBA Certified Professional?

Upon successful completion of the course the aspirants will be attending an exam conducted by our own institute & by successfully getting through it the aspirants will be awarded with our certification.

b) What Are The Pre-Requisites For Our Certification?

Having an acute desire in taking the career profession of Oracle DBA expert alone is enough to get enrolled into our institutes Oracle Online Training.

Highlights Of Our Institute Oracle Training:

The main highlighting features of our institutes Oracle DBA Online Certification Training are

  • Complete exposure towards real-time industry training.
  • Highly experienced training professionals.
  • Well equipped lab infrastructure.
  • Hands on knowledge in working with real-time case studies and industry projects.

About Our Exolearn Oracle DBA Online Certification Training:

Make the most out of the most dominant database management career profession of Oracle DBA with the aid of our Exolearn institutes Oracle DBA Online Training. Our highly advanced certification training will surely ensure at delivering a value to your Oracle DBA career profile.

ORACLE 12c DBA Course Curriculum:

Module: 1. Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

Goal set: In this module you need to know about architecture of Oracle Database, components of ASM storage, memory structures concepts.

Topics: Oracle Database Architecture Overview, Oracle ASM Architecture Overview, Process Architecture, Memory structures, Logical and physical storage structures, ASM storage components.

Module: 2. Installing your Oracle Software

Goal set: In this module you need to know about tools required to administer a database, installation of software and system requirements.

Topics: Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator, Tools Used to Administer an Oracle Database, Installation: System Requirements, Oracle Universal Installer (OUI),Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Installing Oracle Database Software, Silent Install.

Module: 3. Creating an Oracle Database

Goal set: In this module you need to know about DBCA to create a database, design of database template, DBCA needed to delete a database.

Topics: Planning the Database, Using the DBCA to Create a Database, Password Management,Creating a Database Design Template, Using the DBCA to Delete a Database.

Module: 4. Managing the Oracle Database Instance

Goal set: At the end of this module you need to understand about Oracle enterprise manager, database access with SQLPlus, stages of database startup, shutdown options of database.

Topics: Start and stop the Oracle database and components, Use Oracle Enterprise Manager, Access a database with SQLPlus, Modify database installation parameters, Describe the stages of database startup, Describe database shutdown options, View the alert log, Access dynamic performance views.

Module: 5. Manage the ASM Instance

Goal set: At the end of this module you need to learn concepts such as ASM instance, disk groups, Parameter files.

Topics: Set up initialization parameter files for ASM instance, Start up and shut down ASM instances, Administer ASM disk groups.

Module: 6. Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

Goal set: At the end of this module you need to understand about enterprise manager, tnsping, when to use shared and dedicated servers.

Topics: Use Enterprise Manager to create and configure the Listener, Enable Oracle Restart to monitor the listener, Use tnsping to test Oracle Net connectivity, Identify when to use shared servers and when to use dedicated servers.

Module: 7. Managing Database Storage Structures

Goal set: In this Oracle DBA Training module you need to know about storage structures, tablespaces and OMF (Oracle managed files).

Topics: Storage Structures, How Table Data Is Stored, Anatomy of a Database Block, Space Management in Tablespaces, Tablespaces in the Preconfigured Database, Actions with Tablespaces, Oracle Managed Files (OMF).

Module: 8. Administering User Security

Goal set: In this module you need to understand about user accounts, predefined roles and administrative accounts.

Topics: Database User Accounts, Predefined Administrative Accounts, Benefits of Roles, Predefined Roles, Implementing Profiles.

Module: 9. Managing Data Concurrency

Goal set: At the end of this Oracle DBA Training module you need to understand Enqueue MechanismData Concurrency, Resolving Lock Conflicts and about Deadlocks.

Topics: Data Concurrency, Enqueue Mechanism, Resolving Lock Conflicts, Deadlocks.

Module: 10. Managing Undo Data

Goal set: At the end of this module you need to learn data manipulation, undo retention and about undo retention.

Topics: Data Manipulation, Transactions and Undo Data, Undo Data Versus Redo Data, Configuring Undo Retention.

Module: 11. Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

Goal set: By the end of this module you need to learn regarding specify audit options, DBA responsibilities.

Topics: Describe DBA responsibilities for security, Enable standard database auditing, Specify audit options, Review audit information, Maintain the audit trail.

Module: 12. Database Maintenance

Goal set: By the end of this module you need to know about AWR, ADDM and other concepts such as advisory network.

Topics: Manage optimizer statistics, Manage the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR),Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM),Describe and use the advisory framework, Set alert thresholds, Use server-generated alerts, Use automated tasks,

Module: 13. Backup and Recovery Concepts

Goal set: By the end of this module you need to know about user error, MTTR advisor, media failure, statement failure and log files.

Topics: Part of Your Job, Statement Failure, User Error, Understanding Instance Recovery, Phases of Instance Recovery, Using the MTTR Advisor, Media Failure, Log Files.

Module: 14. Performing Database Backups

Goal set: By the end of this module you need to know about RMAN, backing up, monitoring of flash recovery area, secure backup.

Topics: Backup Solutions: Overview, Oracle Secure Backup, User-Managed Backup, , Recovery Manager (RMAN),Configuring Backup Settings, Backing Up the Control File to a Trace File, Monitoring the Flash Recovery Area.

Module: 15. Performing Database Recovery

Goal set: At the end of this module you need to know about Data Recovery Advisor, loss of control file, data failures.

Topics: Opening a Database, Data Recovery Advisor, Loss of a Control File, Loss of a Redo Log File, Data Recovery Advisor, Data Failures, Listing Data Failures, Data Recovery Advisor Views.

Module: 16. Moving Data

Goal set: At the end of this module you need to understand about ways to move data, external tables, data pump export.

Topics: Describe ways to move data, Create and use directory objects, Use SQL*Loader to move data, Use external tables to move data, General architecture of Oracle Data Pump, Use Data Pump export and import to move data.


Goal set: At the end of this module you need to understand regarding new 12c architecture, CDB, PDBs, Oracle data redaction, SQL loader and other concepts.

Topics: Describe about brand new 12c architecture,Common vs local users,Common vs local privileges,Common vs local roles,Multitenant Container Database and Pluggable Databases,Managing Tablespaces and Users in CDB and PDBs,Backup, Recovery, and Flashback CDBs and PDBs,Automatic Data Optimization and Storage Enhancements,In-Database Archiving and Temporal,Privilege Analysis new feature and new administrative privileges,Oracle Data Redaction,Major enhancements in Data Pump, SQL Loader and External tables.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Will I Get a Certificate After Completing My Course Through

We will provide you with a course completion certificate from our end. Apart from this, we can also help you to acquire a vendor certificate once you complete a particular training course.

Q2. What if I Could Not Attend a Class?

Our dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) will allow you to access the recorded footage of the session.

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Our web-based Learning management system (LMS) is web assessable. Once you are registered, we will enable LMS accessibility for you.

Q4. What are the Available Payment Gateways?

You can pay us using all major cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover/Novus). We also accept payment through PayPal.

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Yes, a candidate can cancel the enrollment within 3 - 7 days after making payment. As per our refund policy, we can refund up to 100% of the total payment made during registration (Please refer to our Refund Policy).

Q6. Will there be any Interactive Live Session or Just Pre-Recorded Videos for Training?

All the registered students will be able to join interactive training sessions conducted by qualified trainers.

Q7. What is the Duration of the Learning Management System (LMS)?

The duration of LMS Lifetime.

Q8. What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS is a software application designed to deliver educational courses and training programs through documents, study materials, interactive online classes and recorded videos.

Q9. What if I Have any Queries During or After the Course?

We provide 24x7 online support facility. You can call or email us any time, as our support team will always be there to respond to your queries.

Q10. Can I Have One-On-One Sessions?

A session is attended by 2-3 students, but if you want to join a one-on-one session, you have to pay some additional charges for this.

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