It is a well-known fact that until the advent of 21st century’s automation revolution almost every business is carried out based on the manual process. The major problem that arises here is that in general manual process involves a lot of time to get the task done there is a lot of scope for the occurrence of human-related errors. This is what that lead to the rise of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) between the 90s & 2000s. Although BPO has cut out the organizations expenditure spent on the manual workforce to some extent it is still prone to a lot of errors & is still a bit costlier. RPA Online Training which is currently being offered at our Exolearn training institute will be the best choice for leveraging your RPA tools career oriented knowledge.

Though being a bit slow in the earlier stages of its development, just over the span of a few years, RPA has emerged out becoming a revolutionary event in the history of mankind. Automation has completely changed the phase of the world in the context of business, industrial, banking & even in medical sector as well. Having the features of low-cost integration & zero tolerance towards the occurrence of errors & along with increased working hours and enhanced productivity margins is what that made Automation as a favorite business and industrial development software application. For building a better knowledge in RPA, make the most out of our RPA Online Training program.

What Exactly Is RPA & What Are Its Tools?

Robotics Process Automation which is in short referred to as RPA can simply be interpreted as the application of technology which is well capable of performing several high-level tasks to a low level like, manipulating data & triggering responses, communication with other digital systems and more by enabling to configure a computer software or a robot.

Looking at the tremendous benefits of Automation implementations a lot of companies have already started adopting RPA on a much bigger scale. This has encouraged the tech experts to bring in a lot of advancements in this highly sophisticated technology innovation. A number of automation software tools have been developed over the course of the past few years & all these tools have been well succeeding in making RPA implementations as easy to adapt and much more revolutionary.

Different Tools In Robotics Process Automation are

  • Automation Anywhere
  • BluePrism
  • UiPath
  • OpenSpan
  • Nice
  • EdgeVerve
  • Kryon
  • Pega
  • Workfusion

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What Are The Most Extensively Used RPA Tools?

Over the course of the past few years, a number of Robotics Process Automation software tools have been developed. All of these tools have been proven to be well effective in meeting with all the global organization’s requirements. Some of the tools which are most extensively used in RPA include

  • Automation Anywhere
  • BluePrism
  • UiPath
  • OpenSpan

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Difference Between The RPA Tools:

Although most of the process automation software tool-sets are employed for the common purpose of integrating the organization’s software & industrial workflow, there is a lot of variation in their respective functionalities which mainly include


In the category of technology, UiPath scores the best when compared with the other three RPA tools. It exhibits very high-speed process automation functions & it can be used for different workflow modules. It possesses a higher degree of scalability & as well as code reusability.

The major highlighting aspect that comes under UiPath automation concept is capable to work at Citrix environment automation which has a close variance with desktop automation.


BluePrism is also one of the most extensively used RPA tool which has acquired a bigger global market share. It is extensively used for the purpose of coding, object creation & as well as for the object creation. It has very much efficient bot government & deployment features.

While working on BluePrism automation, it will never be possible for this tool to go wrong in its integration functions when coding can be done. BluePrism possesses the ability to automate almost every possible aspect of the industrial & business workforce without exceptions.

object creation, coding, and automation implementation. It’s difficult to go wrong when coding can be done.

Automation Anywhere & OpenSpan:

Automation Anywhere OpenSpan are one of the most extensively used process automation software toolsets. Both of them exhibit the functionality of code reusability. Being very less prone towards errors & their highly endowed automation capabilities are what that made them onto the top of the ladder of the best RPA tools.

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