About Shell Scripting Training:

A shell script is a simple text file which contains a series of commands that can simply be executed on a UNIX based operating system. Designed specifically for a series of command sequences that are constantly being used by people, a shell script is one of the easiest ways to initiate commands. You only need to input the name of a specific shell script. We, at ExoLearn, aim to help you acquire the knowledge of shell scripts through our basic to advanced shell scripting online tutorial. Our tutorials are designed to make students familiar with a shell script. 

Give a boost to your career profession of Shell Scripting by building the best career platform which is possible by simply enrolling in our institutes Shell Scripting Training In Hyderabad.

Course Objective Of Shell Scripting Training:

ExoLearn is recognized as the leading shell script training platform. All the registered candidates get an exceptional opportunity to grow their skills in this industry and achieve theoretical as well as practical knowledge. 

 Some of the learning modules we cover in this program mainly include

  • To cover all the advanced concepts of Shell structure and its environment.
  • To make the students acquire knowledge of the key features and the basics of bash scripting.
  • To deliver hands-on knowledge in working with the creation of interactive scripts.
  • To deliver skill sets for handling various arithmetic & logic operations in a shell script.
  • To build knowledge among the aspirants in the concepts of flow control and decision making.

What Exactly Is Shell Scripting & Its Prominence?

A shell can simply be interpreted as a special programming sequence that provides an interface to the user to use some special operating system services. The commands submitted by the user will be processed by a shell. A shell will receive these commands and turn them into a language that is readable and comprehendible for the kernel. Kernel refers to an integral component of the computer system. This core program can control all the vital functions of a computer. Shells can be mainly categorized into two types. 

  • First, The command-line shell that only needs a Command Line Interface. 
  • Second, Graphical Line Shell controls a wide range of programs according to the GUI. It has the potential to control some of the core computer operations, such as resizing and opening the windows. 

To learn more about shell scripting how it works, register for our shell scripting online course.

Why Shell Scripting Training?

ExoLearn is currently focusing on the UNIX Shell Scripting Tutorial. Sign up for this program to get an advanced course of shell scripts. 

The prime features that are responsible for the high-end prominence of Shell Scripting are

  • User-friendly syntax can be seen as the command & syntax are the same as those entered into the command line.
  • Shell Scripting doesn’t take much time.
  • Easy debugging.

Avail complete set of hands-on experience & in-depth knowledge in all the applications of Shell Scripting Online Certification Training and build your knowledge and skills in this industry . Each training session will provide you with a basic to advanced level of knowledge.

Prerequisites For Shell Scripting Training:

Not only is it a perfect option for students, but our shell scripting online tutorial will be the ultimate choice for professionals and employees. We have decided flexible timings so that anyone can sign up for the course. All the candidates that register for this course will be provided access to the LMS, where they can find recorded sessions along with the study materials. You can get lab access via a VPN.

  • Get a clear understanding of different operating systems
  • Learn different networking & computing applications.
  • Learn everything about Linux operating system

Who Should Take The Course?

Our shell scripting online training is specifically designed to provide in-depth knowledge of shell script. This course is mainly intended for

  • Network Administrators & Application programmers
  • Development & Testing Professionals
  • System administrators
  • Management Professionals
  • Fresher’s & Degree Holders

Highlights Of Our Shell Scripting Training:

The main highlighting features of our institutes Shell Scripting Online Training are

  • Complete career-oriented training program.
  • Guidance from real-time industry professionals.
  • A well sophisticated lab infrastructure.

About Our Certification & Exam:

Build the best career platform in the profession of Shell Scripting by simply availing our Exolearn Shell Scripting Online Training Institute.

a) How To Become A Shell Scripting Certified Professional?
The certificate which we offer upon successful completion of the course, it will surely help the aspirants in adding a value to their respective career profiles. To avail our certification the aspirants have to get a certification exam which we conduct upon the completion of the course.

b) What Is Prerequisite For Certification?
Having the desire and the intent of getting onto the top of the career profession of Oracle RAC alone is sufficient to get into the course.

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Shell Scripting Training Course Curriculum:

1. Introduction to Kernel

Goal set: After the completion of this shell scripting training module, you can understand clearly the basics of shell script, and various uses of shell script in detail.

Topics: Introduction: Linux Shell scripting, shell scripting commands, Types of Linux Shells, How to use Linux Shell, What is Shell Script, Uses of Shell Script, shell scripting basics, bash shell scripting.

2. Basics

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module of shell scripting classes, you can understand SHE-BANG, printing of screens, and colorizing output in detail.

Topics: SHE-BANG Intro, shell scripting basics, Writing Comments, shell scripting commands, Printing on screen, Printing with ESC Sequences, Colorizing the output.

3. Variables

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module of this shell scripting classes, you can analyze properly the basics of variables, and types of variables that participate in the linux shell scripting procedures.

Topics: shell scripting basics, Definition: Variables, Accessing Variables, Unsetting Variables, and Properties of a variable, shell scripting commands, Environment Variables, Global Variables, Array Variables, Command Initialization, and Arithmetic Initialization.


Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you can realize Meta characters, quote, and rules and situations in detail.

Topics: Meta Characters, shell scripting basics, Backslashes, shell scripting commands, Single Quotes, Double Quotes, Quoting Rules and Situations.

5. Input | Output

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module of shell scripting tutorial, you can have a better knowledge of redirectors, pipes, and more on exit status, etc.

Topics: Redirectors,shell scripting basics, shell scripting commands, Nullifying the output, Pipes, EXIT Status.


Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you can understand different command, editing files with SED, and knowledge about basic filters.

Topics: HEAD & TAIL command, shell scripting basics, GREP Command, CUT Command, XARGS Command, SED & AWK Introduction, Multiple Commands in SED, Editing Files with SED, shell scripting commands, Basic Filter using AWK Command.

7. Flow Control

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you will be able to understand if statement, and various other statements applicable in flow control.

Topics: Detailing: if Statement,shell scripting basics, If-else Statement, Nested If-else Statement, The test Statement, The case Statement, shell scripting commands, Conditional executing.

8. Loops

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you will be able to understand about loop and various aspects of it in detail.

Topics: Until loop, shell scripting basics, while loop, for loop, Select loop, Loop Control.

9. Parameters

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you can understand special variables, and parsing in shell scripts in detail.

Topics: Special Variables, shell scripting basics, Options and Arguments, shell scripting commands, Option Parsing in Shell Scripts.

10. Functions

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you will have learnt creating functions, and sharing of data between functions also.

Topics: Creating Functions, shell scripting basics, Usage of functions, and Sharing Data between functions.

11. Advanced Scripting

Goal set: In the end of this shell scripting training module, you can nullify unwanted output, debugging script and preparing a binary file.

Topics: Nullify unwanted output, shell scripting basics, User Interface and dialog utility, Using Shell colors, the trap command, The Shift command, shell scripting commands, debugging a script, making a binary file.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Will I Get a Certificate After Completing My Course Through Exolearn.com?

We will provide you with a course completion certificate from our end. Apart from this, we can also help you to acquire a vendor certificate once you complete a particular training course.

Q2. What if I Could Not Attend a Class?

Our dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) will allow you to access the recorded footage of the session.

Q3. How Can I Access the Recorded Videos of the Session I Missed?

Our web-based Learning management system (LMS) is web assessable. Once you are registered, we will enable LMS accessibility for you.

Q4. What are the Available Payment Gateways?

You can pay us using all major cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover/Novus). We also accept payment through PayPal.

Q5. Can I Cancel Enrollment? Will I Get Refund?

Yes, a candidate can cancel the enrollment within 3 - 7 days after making payment. As per our refund policy, we can refund up to 100% of the total payment made during registration (Please refer to our Refund Policy).

Q6. Will there be any Interactive Live Session or Just Pre-Recorded Videos for Training?

All the registered students will be able to join interactive training sessions conducted by qualified trainers.

Q7. What is the Duration of the Learning Management System (LMS)?

The duration of LMS Lifetime.

Q8. What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS is a software application designed to deliver educational courses and training programs through documents, study materials, interactive online classes and recorded videos.

Q9. What if I Have any Queries During or After the Course?

We provide 24x7 online support facility. You can call or email us any time, as our support team will always be there to respond to your queries.

Q10. Can I Have One-On-One Sessions?

A session is attended by 2-3 students, but if you want to join a one-on-one session, you have to pay some additional charges for this.

No data available right now, please check back later.