About Symantec NetBackup Training:

Symantec Netbackup Training to build skills in database backup and recovery. Symantec NetBackup is a suite of application for data backup and recovery for enterprise users. Netbackup is the best and trusted choice for enterprises to reduce complexity existed due to vast array of hardware, Virtualization, Storage related technologies and database. It make easy to protect data and manage as possible for their needed staff.

Netbackup is a single solution for the complete enterprise, available on a converged platform, and instrumented to need minimal administration even in complex and most dynamic environments. Symantec Netbackup tutorial help you to get Symantec Netbackup Certification.

Why Learn Symantec Netbackup from Exolearn?

We offer Symantec Netbackup Online Training that usually begins with a demo session, in which, each student has to participate. It is, basically, an introduction session that provides you with complete detail of the trainers and the program. As soon as the demo is completed, students can sign up for the Symantec Netbackup online tutorial and receive training.

Our instructor will start the program with Symantec NetBackup versions 7.6 and 7.7. They will assist you to learn about the new features added to every version and show live practical sessions on NetBackup 7.6. Our instructor leads self-paced online training can be attended from anywhere in the world remotely.

Symantec Netbackup Tutorial Pre-requisites:

In order to ace Symantec Netbackup online tutorial, the student needs to be familiar with the Netbackup tools. Even a fresher can learn the course. Employees already working on other backup software can also learn this symantec netbackup online course.

Course Targeted Audience:

  • Users with working knowledge in IT system administrators, system engineers.
  • Backup professionals both on windows and Linux.
  • Users with simple knowledge in how to use a backup, why backup is important.
  • Employees with prior knowledge on old version of NetBackup like 7.5 are eligible for the course.

Symantec Netbackup Training Target:

  • Symantec NetBackup 7.7 covers new topics like implement storage, enhanced integration with amazon s3, complete enterprise backup, and recovery.
  • Netbackup 7.7 for virtualization, policy based management.
  • Recovering large volumes of data, protecting petabytes of date without zero down time of business.
  • Protecting virtual machines and pushing information of VM’s to vcenters. How to use virtual appliance to enable association between vcenter server and NetBackup master server?.
  • Instant recovery, protect data on virtual SAN storage area network.

Online Training Format:

  • ExoLearn is the leading provider of Symantec Netbackup training on 7.6 and 7.7.
  • Participants will join real-time live video interactive sessions.
  • Users will have complete access to use the video interface in asking questions at any time in this symantec netbackup training online course.
  • Access LMS to watch the video sessions.
  • Kernel provides course completion certificate.
  • Help you in passing the Symantec Netbackup certification.
  • Provide 24×7 supports

Lab Infrastructure:

As far as the faculty and learning environment is concerned, rest assured that you will get the best infrastructure with avant-garde technology. We have Brocade FC switches, Netapp Unified storage, Cisco L4 Switch, EMC Clariion, and so on. Additionally, these servers are connected to the SAN for smoother operations. All the servers are monitored by Nagios monitoring agent with OTRS ticketing system. We provide each student with easy access to these servers, which will help enhance their Symantec Netbackup online certification. The trainers will be available throughout the session and answer all your queries. We have equipped the technology that offers a real-time and seamless training experience. We mention the name of the course, the total duration, and the grades you achieve on the certificate.

  • Resume Preparation
  • Placement Assistance
  • Symantec Netbackup tutorial
  • Symantec Netbackup training videos

Symantec Netbackup Certification:

ExoLearn provides a course certification letter at the end of the course; it’s a professional document work as a proof to show that a potential job candidate has completed a course and is eligible for a particular job. The certification consists of your grade/marks achieved according to the performance of the real-time live project you have done. The certification we provide to students will have the course name and duration mentioned in it.

In case you have a low grade for the first time, you can have complete assistance from ExoLearn in finishing the project with help from our instructors. We are here to help you 24×7.

How it Works?

  1. This is an Symantec NetBackup Online training with Instructor led LIVE and Interactive Sessions.
  2. This course contains Practical Work involving Practical Hands-on, Lab Assignments, and Real World Case Studies. This practical work can be done at your own pace. Learn Symantec NetBackup online by expert. LMS will have Symantec netbackup interview questions, PDF and training material.
  3. You will have access to 24×7 Technical Support. You can request for assistance for any problem you might face or for any clarifications you may require during the course. Take assistance of Symantec NetBackup online tutorial.
  4. At the end of the Symantec NetBackup training, you will have to work on a Project. You will receive a Grade and a Verifiable Certificate on the successful completion of this project.

Symantec Netbackup Course Curriculum:

1. Introducing NetBackup:


  •  Introduction to data protection
  •  symantec support
  • The NetBackup environment
  • NetBackup concepts
  • NetBackup options and agents

2. Installing NetBackup:


  • Preparing for NetBackup installation and configuration
  • using the pre-installation utility
  • installing your NetBackup environment
  • symantec NetBackup 7.7 release notes
  • datasheet Installing NetBackup clients
  • verifying your NetBackup installation

3. Using the NetBackup Administrative Interfaces:


  • The NetBackup Administration Console
  • NetBackup OpsCenter

4. Configuring Tape Storage and Media:


  • NetBackup storage concept
  • symantec NetBackup 7.7 download instructions
  • Configuring tape devices
  • Configuring media
  • Verifying tape storage

5. Configuring Disk Storage:


  • Basic NetBackup storage
  • symantec NetBackup licensing guide explanation
  •  Configuring basic NetBackup disk storage
  • Configuring AdvancedDisk
  • Verifying disk storage
  • Additional NetBackup storage concepts

6. Configuring File System Backups:


  • Introduction to backup policies
  • Configuring file system backup policies

7. Performing File System Backups and Restores:


  • Performing manual backup operations
  • Performing restore operations
  • Backup and restore job tips.

8. Protecting Backup Data:


  • Backup duplication concepts
  • Using Storage Lifecycle Policies
  • Introduction to Auto Image Replication and Introduction to NetBackup Vault

9. Protecting the NetBackup Configuration:


  • Introduction to NetBackup catalogs
  • Managing images
  • Performing catalog backup and recovery operations
  • Disaster recovery strategies and Catalog-related tips.

10. Monitoring NetBackup:


  • Monitoring NetBackup jobs
  • Monitoring NetBackup activity
  • Managing jobs
  • Monitoring NetBackup health

11. Managing and Optimizing Tape Storage:


  • Managing robots and tape drives
  • Symantec NetBackup admin guide
  • Symantec online backup
  • Managing shared tape devices
  • Monitoring media, and media states
  • Managing tapes and media utilization
  • Media- and device-related tips.

12. Managing and Optimizing Disk Storage:


  • Comparing disk storage features
  • Managing basic disk and DSSU
  • Managing Advanced Disk and disk pools
  • Disk-related tips

13. Optimizing File System Backups:


  • File system backup concepts
  • Using incremental backups
  • Introduction to file system snapshots
  • Using multiple data streams
  • Optimizing tape drive performance using multiplexing
  • Using synthetic backups
  • Using FlashBackup

14. Introduction to Enterprise Backups:


  • Application protection concepts
  • Database backup concepts
  • Enterprise application backup concepts
  • Virtual machine protection concepts

15. Working with Support:


  • Support resources
  • NetBackup processes
  • symantec NetBackup 7.7.1 download
  • daemonsusing the nbcplogs utility
  • Configuring NetBackup debug logging levels


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Will I Get a Certificate After Completing My Course Through Exolearn.com?

We will provide you with a course completion certificate from our end. Apart from this, we can also help you to acquire a vendor certificate once you complete a particular training course.

Q2. What if I Could Not Attend a Class?

Our dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) will allow you to access the recorded footage of the session.

Q3. How Can I Access the Recorded Videos of the Session I Missed?

Our web-based Learning management system (LMS) is web assessable. Once you are registered, we will enable LMS accessibility for you.

Q4. What are the Available Payment Gateways?

You can pay us using all major cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover/Novus). We also accept payment through PayPal.

Q5. Can I Cancel Enrollment? Will I Get Refund?

Yes, a candidate can cancel the enrollment within 3 - 7 days after making payment. As per our refund policy, we can refund up to 100% of the total payment made during registration (Please refer to our Refund Policy).

Q6. Will there be any Interactive Live Session or Just Pre-Recorded Videos for Training?

All the registered students will be able to join interactive training sessions conducted by qualified trainers.

Q7. What is the Duration of the Learning Management System (LMS)?

The duration of LMS Lifetime.

Q8. What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS is a software application designed to deliver educational courses and training programs through documents, study materials, interactive online classes and recorded videos.

Q9. What if I Have any Queries During or After the Course?

We provide 24x7 online support facility. You can call or email us any time, as our support team will always be there to respond to your queries.

Q10. Can I Have One-On-One Sessions?

A session is attended by 2-3 students, but if you want to join a one-on-one session, you have to pay some additional charges for this.

No data available right now, please check back later.