About Tableau Training:

Tableau is a data visualization software created by Tableau software. Tableau training is one of the groundbreaking and most effective data visual tools that helps organizations to represent data in a more comprehensive and simple format. Tableau can easily connects with any data source, be it corporate Microsoft excel, data warehouse or web based data. Tableau software provides instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually interactive and appealing visualizations called dashboard. Within a seconds, you can achieve through the use of a drag and drop interface.

Tableau has proved to be most efficiency tools for analysing visual data. Tableau allows to compare and contrast their innumerable data. With no time tableau generates the reports, this leads to organizational development and achievement of goals for business firms.

Why Learn Tableau Training?

Tableau software is a business intelligence tool that will help organization for virtualization of business processes. It’s has good features that makes organizations to shift from other business intelligence software’s. Organizations are facing lack of skilled employees in tableau. Candidate with tableau software has good demand in the market.

We have qualified professionals that will assist you to learn and explore the tableau software and provide assistance to get the job of your interest.

About Tableau Tutorial Details

Exolearn is the leading eLearning institute in offering different IT and latest technology trending courses to the seekers. We came up with an aim to make every fresher to get skilled and get employed in their dream role of job. And for experience candidate in improving their technical skills for getting better hike.

We have well experienced professional trainers from at every corner of the world. We save all the videos of every sessions conducted and provide you as an LMS (Learning Management System) to refer in future. In every session students will get the opportunities to ask any number of questions to the trainers and clear their doubts.

Tableau Training Course Target:

  • Install and configure Tableau Desktop 10
  • Create Barcharts, Area charts, Maps, Piecharts and Treemaps
  • Connect Tableau to various Datasets: Excel and CSV files
  • Create Story-lines, Interactive Dashboards, table calculations
  • Understand Types of Joins and how they work
  • Work with Parameters
  • Work with Data Blending in Tableau

Tableau Training Target Audience:

  • Fresher’s, seeking career in business intelligence
  • Professionals want to get skilled in tableau software

Tableau Training Prerequisite:

  • Experience working with computer systems

Tableau Tutorial Format:

Once students registered with us, we provide you a welcome mail with activation of LMS for that particular subject. In LMS candidate will get complete details to learn the subject like videos of previous classes, FAQs, PPT and other stuff related to the course. Before starting of every session our webinar team will send the students and lecturer a link through which class can be attended. Our webinar and lab team is good at answering your query. If students encounter any issues during accessing LMS or lab they can contact our webinar team they will assists you to clear all your doubts. We provide round the clock service.

Tableau Career Opportunities:

Tableau is the hottest skill in business intelligence in this upcoming years. It’s getting popular in every organization irrespective of their size, because of its excellent features. You can get job as Tableau admin, Tableau developer and other with this tableau software knowledge and experience.

Tableau Certification:

At the end of Tableau software course, we provide you with the Tableau course completion certification. Tableau training and certification help you to get benefitted of Tableau career opportunities and grab top jobs in business intelligence.

Module: 1. Introduction

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Tableau Training Course Content Details, Tableau Desktop Online Training, Introduction and Getting Started, Tableau desktop role in the tableau product line

Topics: Application terminology, View terminology, Data terminology, Visual cues for fields, Best Practices in Connecting to Data

Module: 2. Working with metadata

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Working with connections, Working with Measures and Dimensions

Topics: Working with connections, Live Connection, Extract Connection, Refresh & Converting live connection to Extract Connection Refresh & Converting Extract connection to Live Connection, Establishing connections with other databases MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Working with Measures and Dimensions

Module: 3. Individual axis

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the axis, working with Data types

Topics: Blended axis, Dual axis, Combinational Charts, Working with Mark Card (Color, Size, label) with sceneries, Default properties of Dimensions and measures, Discrete and Continuous Conversion of Dimension to measures and vice versa, Working with Data types, Working with Actions and Filters in Worksheet

Module: 4. Communicating sheets with Action filters

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Action filters, Action Highlight

Topics: Redirecting to other Statics URL, Dynamic URL, Folders with Action URL, Action Highlight Filters, Data source Level Filters

Module: 5. Worksheet level Filters

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Worksheet level Filters, Working with Maps, WMS Server, GEO Coding

Topics: Appling filters at worksheet level (Header, Bar, Mark card), Working with Filter shelf with examples (General, wildcard, Condition, Top) Quick Filters (Single select, Multiselect, Wild card Select), Making filters dependent with Context Filters Applying static, dynamic and calculated Filters, Sharing Filters, Working with Maps, WMS Server, GEO Coding

Module: 6. Creating Symbol maps

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Working with map options, Working with Geo Coding, Building Visualizations

Topics: Creating filled maps in different methods, Creating dual Axis map with examples, Working with map options, Working with WMS servers and converting to TMS, Identifying a particular place latitude and longitude, Working with Geo Coding, Building Visualizations

Module: 7. Working with bar charts, stacked and side by side bars

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Working with bar charts, stacked and side by side bars

Topics: Working with line, Area, Circle views and combination charts, pie charts, Working with Text tables, Highlight tables, Heat Maps, Tree Maps and pie charts, Working with Scatter Plots, Bins histograms, Box and whisker Plot, Working with Gantt views, Bullet graphs, Packed Bubbles, Working with shapes and marks, Building Custom Calculations and Parameters

Module: 8. Overview of calculations and trigonometric functions

Goal set: In this module of T tutorial, you will learn and understand about the Overview of calculations and trigonometric functions

Topics: Manipulating string, date calculations, window functions, Calculations and aggregations, Dynamic calculations, Logic statements (grand totals, sub-totals), Creating quick table calculations and Table calculations, Creating parameters and using in customizing calculations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Will I Get a Certificate After Completing My Course Through Exolearn.com?

We will provide you with a course completion certificate from our end. Apart from this, we can also help you to acquire a vendor certificate once you complete a particular training course.

Q2. What if I Could Not Attend a Class?

Our dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) will allow you to access the recorded footage of the session.

Q3. How Can I Access the Recorded Videos of the Session I Missed?

Our web-based Learning management system (LMS) is web assessable. Once you are registered, we will enable LMS accessibility for you.

Q4. What are the Available Payment Gateways?

You can pay us using all major cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover/Novus). We also accept payment through PayPal.

Q5. Can I Cancel Enrollment? Will I Get Refund?

Yes, a candidate can cancel the enrollment within 3 - 7 days after making payment. As per our refund policy, we can refund up to 100% of the total payment made during registration (Please refer to our Refund Policy).

Q6. Will there be any Interactive Live Session or Just Pre-Recorded Videos for Training?

All the registered students will be able to join interactive training sessions conducted by qualified trainers.

Q7. What is the Duration of the Learning Management System (LMS)?

The duration of LMS Lifetime.

Q8. What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS is a software application designed to deliver educational courses and training programs through documents, study materials, interactive online classes and recorded videos.

Q9. What if I Have any Queries During or After the Course?

We provide 24x7 online support facility. You can call or email us any time, as our support team will always be there to respond to your queries.

Q10. Can I Have One-On-One Sessions?

A session is attended by 2-3 students, but if you want to join a one-on-one session, you have to pay some additional charges for this.

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