DevOps tools are one among most extensively used business development innovation which has acquired a lot of demand over the past few years. The functioning role of a DevOps professional involves a lot of intensive work that revolves around working on various tools on a daily basis that is known to improve efficiency and productivity of its implying organization. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of tools that are equipped by DevOps and in order to avail success in this profession, it is must for the aspirants to build knowledge in these toolsets.

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Different Devops Tools That Are Extensively Used :

DevOps tools are simply be interpreted as a software-based application which is an integration of various high-level advanced tools. The effectiveness of the outcomes of DevOps greatly depends on how effectively its tools are being handled.

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Let’s have a clear look at different DevOps tools that are most extensively used by the DevOps industry experts.


Release – Jenkin

Jenkin is considered as one of the advanced automation DevOps Tools which is employed for the main task of monitoring certain continuously repetitive tasks. By making use of this tool the DevOps professionals will find it much easy to integrate various project changes & it will be much easier to access different solutions in a short span of time for various problems.

Primary Features:

  • It can be employed to run on different servers & operating systems which includes Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix-like highly advanced operating systems.
  • It showcases mostly advanced continuous integration and continuous software delivery.
  • It can be configured in a much simpler manner through a direct web interface.
  • Jenkin has any numbers of plug-in that can be worked upon from the update center.

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Puppet is one among the most extensively used and a highly advanced DevOps Tools. Puppet has acquired a wide range of prominence across the market as it helps the organizations in the functions related to releasing a better software delivery, helps to adapt to the quickly changing trends in the technology. By making an effective use of Puppet the organizations can avail features like versioning, automated testing, and continuous delivery.

Primary Features:

  • Helps in quickly adapting & deploying the needed changes in the best way.
  • Helps in making the organization become more agile and responsive towards all the business needs.
  • Greatly improves the service reliability through a fractionate decrease in the cycle times.
  • Helps in maintaining consistency and effective collaboration between the development & testing team.

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Chef is one among the highly advanced DevOps Tools that have that helps the organizations to achieve speed, scalability & consistency through automating infrastructure. It helps the users to quickly rely on & adapt to the changing trends in business.

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Primary Features:

  • Helps in boosting the cloud adoption.
  • Helps in effective management of different data centers and cloud environments.
  • Provides highly reliable and scalable service.


Nagios is a widely renowned DevOps Tools which is used for the purpose of monitoring different servers in different ways. By relying on Nagios applications, it will become possible for the organizations to find the right solutions by accurately identifying various problems.

Primary Features:

  • It showcases features like an improved server, process and application availability.
  • It helps in rapid identification of various failures.

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GIT has the presence of a lot of plug-in that can be integrated with Jenkins for facilitating faster of services like integration and deployment.

Primary Features:

  • Is an open source application framework.
  • Can be used for faster integration of services.

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Maven is one among the highly advanced application tools of DevOps which is extensively being used across several industrial & business levels. Maven is a part of Apache Software Foundation. It is being used as a project management & comprehension tool for the DevOps team. With Maven, the implying organizations can avail various benefits in the form of effectively managing a project’s build, error-free reporting, and documentation & much more.

Primary Features:

  • Can be excessively used across multiple sets of projects & it helps the new developers to get the touch of working with the projects.
  • Facilitates setting up the project in a simpler step by following the complete set of effective practices.
  • It showcases a superior dependency management that includes highly effective functions like automatic updating, dependency closures, and transitive dependencies and more.
  • It has the presence of continuously updating repository of libraries.
  • The leading open source automation server, Jenkins is a DevOps tools for monitoring executions of repeated jobs. This extensible automation engine enables DevOps teams to integrate project changes more easily and access outputs for quickly identifying problems.

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